Celebrating Women in Risk Management | International Women’s Day 2024

This International Women’s Day, we shine a light on three outstanding women working in the field of risk management. The passion, innovation, and drive of these inspiring ladies has helped them make impactful contributions to both their organizations and the industry as a whole. Please read on and enjoy as we celebrate Kelly Flores, Collin […]

Replacement Costs vs Reproduction Costs for Appraising Historic Property

insurance appraisal for historic property construction on building

by Gary Tate, Property Appraisal Quality Manager When you’re insuring a historic property, you’re likely to face questions you wouldn’t encounter with more modern buildings. One of the biggest of these is whether you insure the building for replacement costs or reproduction costs. But before we dive into that, first let’s talk about what constitutes […]

The Value of Property Insurance Appraisals

Every organization is exposed to a variety of risks. This includes the potential for damage from events like fires or windstorms, making it important to be prepared. Property appraisals that provide accurate insurable values and detailed exposure data can help reduce the impact felt by a risk occurrence and increase the resilience of your operation. […]

Video: AMP Property Risk Management Overview

From buildings to moveable equipment, AMP can help you manage data and workflows related to various asset types. Data conversion capabilities for catastrophe modeling, reports for proof-of-loss documentation, and a streamlined insurance renewal process are just some of what makes AMP the clear choice for managing property risk. What’s more, AMP gracefully scales from comprehensive […]

Solve these 6 Property Exposure Challenges with Software for Risk Management

Centurisk has been helping entities solve property exposure and risk management challenges for a long time now. And one thing we’ve learned is that organizations face some very common, yet critical problems that only property risk management software can solve. Six of the biggest challenges that come up time after time include: 1. Inconsistent Property […]