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Discover new efficiencies and easy tracking when you’re in the driver’s seat with our Licensed Vehicle Management module.

Streamline the way you manage vehicle information and insurable values

From school busses to motor pools, the AMP Licensed Vehicle Management module was designed to streamline the way your entity or risk pool manages the complex information and detailed records associated with licensed vehicles.

Maintain Detailed Vehicle Information

Track everything from basic vehicle and mechanical attributes to insurable and actual cash values in a single, comprehensive database

Turn Vehicle Identification Numbers into Complete Asset Records

Simply input a vehicle identification number (VIN) and watch as the vehicle attribute fields and fair market value are automatically populated

Assign Vehicles to Insurance Policies

Create policies and add segments tracking insurance policy attributes right alongside of detailed vehicle information

Manage Certificates of Insurance

Ensure compliance by tracking active and archived certificates of insurance for all licensed vehicles. Allow approved users to login and print their own COI as needed.
Turn Data into Action
Designed by property appraisal experts and risk management professionals, AMP offers the most robust functionality for managing property risk and exposures on the market. A configurable and modular solution, AMP works with you to meet the valuation, data, and underwriting requirements of an ever-changing insurance market.
Establish accurate, up-to-date Data
Our property insurance appraisal solutions include various levels of service to address 100% of property values within a wide range of budgets. We help you gather data you can trust for insurance coverage you can rely on.

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Basic Vehicle Attributes

Vehicle Location and Assignment

Actual Cash Values

Mechanical Attributes
Replacement Cost Values
Insurance Policies and COI

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Case Study
South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust

“The idea of going back and using spreadsheets to try to manage 3500 plus listings of property with all the data and values is something we just absolutely would not ever go back and do.”

In this case study, learn how South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust uses Centurisk’s AMP Property Risk Management solution to manage more than 3,500 property listings for more than 50 member districts.

Risk Pooling

AMP Property Risk Software
Insurance Appraisal Services

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