Reconcile asset records without the heavy lifting

By inventorying capital assets and tagging equipment with barcodes, Centurisk implements fixed asset systems to maintain proper stewardship of assets now and into the future.

Establish Accurate Fixed Asset Records

Whether it be for accounting compliance, loss control, or proper stewardship of assets, tracking and accounting for fixed assets can be a challenge. Centurisk has unparalleled capabilities and expertise to support entities in meeting the financial reporting requirements of GASB, OMB, GAAP, State standards, and external auditors.

Accurate Inventory Records

On-site physical inventory services establish accurate capital asset records including useful life and depreciation.

Up-to-Date Asset Valuations

Supportable original cost, replacement cost, and actual cash value can be calculated for all capital assets.

Compliant Reporting

Reports for property accounting and tracking can be created to meet the needs of your organization and its auditors.

Asset Management Software

Keep asset records up-to-date and streamline internal procedures with solutions for asset and inventory management.
Property Insurance Appraisal Services
Our property insurance appraisal solutions include various levels of service to address 100% of property values within a wide range of budgets. We help you gather data you can trust for insurance coverage you can rely on.
Solutions for k12 School Districts

We recognize that your hard work helps enable your school district to provide quality education and experiences to all students. From Centurisk services for fixed asset management to the many solutions offered by our sister companies, we’re here to support you!

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Maintain and Account for Fixed Assets

Physical Inventory Services

Grant Funded Asset Management

Property Control & Management
Reinventory & Reconciliation
Asset Valuations
Compliant Reporting (e.g., GASB 34/35)

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Case Study
Scotia-Glenville CSD

“The AssetWorks AssetMaxx software that we gain access to through our partnership with Questar III BOCES makes tracking our assets a whole lot easier. Because it’s in one database, I can pull up basically anything I need: the financial reports to tie out the money, inventory reports… It’s not hard to use at all, and it makes life easier.”

In this case study, learn how Scotia-Glenville CSD leverages their partnership with Questar III BOCES and AssetWorks to empower compliance and proper stewardship of assets.

k12 School District

AssetWorks Asset Management Solutions

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