Policy Information at Your Fingertips

Track insurance information alongside of property data in a single, comprehensive database.

Detailed Policy Information Risk Alongside Your Detailed Property Information

With AMP Insurance Policy Management software, users can easily create policies and add segments to track insurance information alongside of property data in one single, comprehensive database. Standard policy types include: auto liability, building and contents, business interruption, data processing, inland marine, and medical malpractice. In addition, users have the freedom to establish their own additional policy types.

Ensure You Are Properly Insured

Robust business rules prohibit you from over insuring assets

Streamline Policy Data Management

Policy attributes can be applied in mass to large groups of assets

Quickly Access Reliable Data

Detailed policy history and insured value information is recorded for each asset

Optimize Decision Making

Standard and custom reports can provide insight into your coverage and exclusions

Turn Data into Action
Designed by property appraisal experts and risk management professionals, AMP offers the most robust functionality for managing property risk and exposures on the market. A configurable and modular solution, AMP works with you to meet the valuation, data, and underwriting requirements of an ever-changing insurance market.
Establish accurate, up-to-date Data
Our property insurance appraisal solutions include various levels of service to address 100% of property values within a wide range of budgets. We help you gather data you can trust for insurance coverage you can rely on.

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Convenient, Efficient, and Secure

1.  Create a policy 

2.  Add segments to the policy

3.  Manage policies and reports

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Case Study
University of Central Florida

“My laundry list of things to do is never-ending, but [AMP] helps immensely. Having quick access to [our building data] through AMP has been extremely helpful.”

In this case study, learn how the University of Central Florida leverages AMP to manage the values and data associated with 325 buildings and 250 golf carts.

Higher Education

AMP Property Risk software

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