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Our property insurance appraisal solutions include various levels of service to address 100% of property values within a wide range of budgets.
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Up-to-Date, Accurate Property Valuations

Centurisk’s property insurance appraisal services enable you to manage the risk of property exposure with values and data that are current and accurate. For more than 30 years, our team has been providing valuation services that help achieve accurate insurance placement and act as a benchmark for proof of loss substantiation in the event of a loss.

Ensure Your Property is Properly Insured

Our valuation consultants go the extra mile to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date values possible helping to ensure you receive the coverage you need.

Secure the Best and Most Accurate Rates

Every engagement includes certified appraisal reports with insurance detail per building and a comparison of values prior to and following the appraisal project.

Increase Confidence in the Quality of Your Data

Every engagement includes certified appraisal reports with insurance detail per building and a comparison of values prior to and following the appraisal project.

Leverage the Benefits of a True Partnership

The relationships we build with our clients are important to us. From kick-off through project completion, we believe open communication is paramount to our success and yours.
Turn Detailed Property Data into Actionable Insight
Designed by property appraisal experts and risk management professionals, AMP offers the most robust functionality for managing property risk and exposures on the market. A configurable and modular solution, AMP works with you to meet the valuation, data, and underwriting requirements of an ever-changing insurance market.
Keep Property Valuations Current in Non-Appraisal Years
Maintain accurate estimates of replacement cost year-after-year with a custom valuation model developed exclusively for your organization. AMP Valuation Estimator models are created by industry experts using multiple valuation resources and include a variety of property specific modifiers. A great tool for benchmarking data and helping keep values current.

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Valuation of buildings, contents, EDP, site improvements, and inland marine

Experience with complex and historical structures including courthouses and water/ wastewater

Establish replacement cost and/or reproduction cost

Property underwriting data, ISO construction class, flood zone certification, COPE data, and CAT data collection

USPAP-compliant appraisals with detailed project plan, ongoing communication, and robust quality check

Certified appraisal reports,  building detail and values variance reports

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Case Study
Washington Counties Risk Pool (WCRP)

“Our Centurisk representative has been so accommodating. He bends over backwards to help in every way he can, to make this relationship possible and to get us the comfort level that we have in Centurisk – not only with the appraisals, but for our future relationship, as well.”

In this case study, learn how Centurisk has helped ACCG collect property data and establish values for over 5,400 buildings across 29 counties.

Risk Pooling

Property Insurance Appraisal Services

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