Property Insurance Basics: Rates, Premiums & Insurance Company Ratings

property insurance premiums, rates and ratings

Property management means you end up having to know a little bit about a lot of different things. And while you may know that property insurance is important for your business, it’s not always easy to find good information on the basics and how they can affect your own risk levels and bottom line. This […]

How Simple Property Data Spreadsheets Can Lead to Complex Problems

property data spreadsheets

Challenges to Consider when Relying on Spreadsheets to Manage Property Data For years, organizations have gotten by managing property insurance-related data in multiple, complex spreadsheets. While this may seem like a quick and simple solution, it also presents many risks. Risks like: 1. An Unwieldy Volume of Data Increases Chance of Error As organizations grow […]

Three Common Post-Loss Property Liability Insurance Challenges

post-loss property insurance lliability

Regardless of size or location, every organization is exposed to risk which is why the role of risk manager is so important. Risk managers are tasked with the challenge of identifying and analyzing potential risks as well as implementing procedures to minimize their impact. In the best-case scenario, the occurrence of a risk event does […]