Partnering to provide you property data and values you can trust for insurance coverage you can rely on​

Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (WCMIC) and Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) have partnered with AssetWorks Risk Management Inc. (now doing business as Centurisk) to help members manage the risk of property exposures with values that are current and accurate.

About Centurisk

At Centurisk, we are true public entity specialists. Our team currently helps thousands of public entities meet their property valuation and data management needs. We look forward to expanding our relationship WCMIC and CIC!

Formerly known as the risk management division of AssetWorks, for more than 40 years, we have provided valuation services that help achieve accurate insurance placement and act as a benchmark for proof of loss substantiation in the event of a loss. Our state-of-the-art property risk software, AMP, is a configurable, modular system designed to meet the value and data requirement needs of an ever-changing property insurance market.

It is our unique combination of valuation experience and technical expertise that allows us to assemble the most complete property risk data management solution on the market.

AMP Property Risk Software

Comprehensive is an Understatement

Designed by property appraisal experts and risk professionals, AMP offers the most robust software functionality for property risk management on the market.

With AMP, you can:

  • Efficiently Maintain your SOV: Automate workflows for adding new properties, modifying/approving changes to existing properties, and removing entries from your statement of values.
  • Simplify the Insurance Renewal Process: Maintain underwriting data and insurable values in a single, sophisticated, and configurable database accessible by all approved users in real-time. Easily run renewal reports for review, updating, and approval.
  • Turn Detailed Data into Actionable Insight: Leverage pre-formatted and ad-hoc reports that offer both an overview of your property and let you drill-down into the details. Create, save, share, and schedule reports as needed.

Here's what WCMIC members have to say about AMP

I’m very satisfied with the [AMP] platform. It beats the way things used to be done.

– Wood County

The new application makes things 100% better. Change is at our fingertips rather than a long process with tedious paper forms & waiting for someone else to enter.

– Anonymous County Respondent

It is a much better process. We have the opportunity to enter the information how we want and when we receive it.

– Adams County

Property Insurance Appraisal Services

Property data and values you can trust for insurance coverage you can rely on

Centurisk’s Insurance Appraisal Services Can Help:

  • Ensure Your Property is Properly Insured: Our valuation consultants go the extra mile to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date values possible helping to ensure you receive the coverage you need.
  • Underwriting Data Supports Accurate Ratings: By collecting COPE and catastrophe modeling data you gain a more complete picture of your risk profile.
  • Increase Confidence in the Quality of your Data: Every engagement includes certified appraisal reports with insurance detail per building and a comparison of values prior to and following the appraisal project.
  • Leverage the Benefits of a True Partnership: The relationships we build with our clients are important to us. From kick-off through project completion, we believe open communication is paramount to our success and yours.

Centurisk Appraisal Process

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