AMP RMIS: Unlimited Support, Users and Possibilities

At Centurisk, we recognize that as the task of managing organizational risk evolves and grows more complex, the need to stay ahead of the curve becomes increasingly significant. Over the years, we have learned more and more about risk management challenges faced by our customers that extend well beyond property risk. We knew we wanted to do something to extend our AMP Risk Management Platform and to help our customers address more facets of risk management. As a result, to accelerate our entry into the risk management information space, in early May 2019, Centurisk acquired substantially all of the assets of Emerson Software Solutions Inc., provider of the risk management information system, eRIMS. Through infusing Centurisk’s best practices for development, implementation, onboarding, and support into the already dynamic eRIMS platform, the AMP Risk Management Information System was born.


AMP RMIS offers an integrated, modular approach to risk management. From tracking incidents and processing claims to measuring policy erosion or offering driver safety training, AMP RMIS can be configured to meet your unique needs today and grow with you in the future.

In addition to centralizing and streamlining risk management systems and processes, AMP RMIS users can take advantage of:

AMP RMIS Benefits

Configuration and Scalability

Configuration and scalability might just be the best and most unique part of AMP RMIS. The technical architecture of AMP RMIS empowers administrative users to rapidly configure or scale the system as needs arise or business rules change. This includes adding users, configuring permission sets, configuring workflows, changing page layouts, adding new fields or menu options, and more. If at any time, the administrative user needs assistance with the configuration, Centurisk’s technical support team is available to help as part of ongoing maintenance and support.

AMP RMIS puts you in the driver's seatUnlike many RMIS systems on the market, AMP RMIS was designed to not only put you in the driver’s seat but also to give you the keys and the training necessary to make many modifications and deploy configurations in the system on your own!

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Modules

AMP RMIS includes the following modules designed to streamline risk management, identify exposures, mitigate risk, and enable strategic decision making:

  • AMP RMIS Core Module
  • Insured/Claimant Portal
  • Incident Management
  • Claims Management
  • Property Risk Management
  • Licensed Vehicle Management
  • Policy & Underwriting
  • Return to Work Administration
  • Loss Control
  • Safety Training
  • Lease Management
  • Security Management
  • Risk Assessments
  • Dashboards/Reporting
  • Import/Export Utilities
  • Interfaces


While the AMP Risk Management Information System is a modular solution designed to scale as needed, certain functional elements are accessible across or apply to the entire platform. Those include: access to the system in both a test and live/production environment, document management/attachments, system administration capabilities like configuring business rules and user permissions, an auditable history of changes made within the application, diary functionality for recording information and triggering workflows, and the ability to store and deploy custom abstracts or letters.

Insured Claimant Portal

Allow non-users of AMP RMIS to submit information pertaining to the creation of an incident or claim through a user-friendly portal. This does not require them to log in to the system. Once the information is submitted, designated system users receive an alert triggering them to take action.

Incident and Claim Management

One incident can spawn a single claim, many claims, or maybe no claims at all. Tracking information prior to the creation of a claim can help accelerate the claims management process, minimize the impact felt as a result of the incident, and provide insight into exposures that may not result in formal claims. Incident management functionality makes it easy for non-system users (e.g. faculty, staff, students) to report incidents and allows related claims to be associated with one another.

The claims management module allows users to streamline communication and workflow processes from intake to resolution with web-based forms, notifications, diaries, adjuster’s notes, document management (e.g. emails, accident photos, repair estimates, etc.), and financial management to track transactions and payments made throughout the lifespan of the claim. The information can then be leveraged in the reports module to gain insight into loss history by agency, department, or other criteria and identify patterns and trends in claims data to mitigate risk.

AMP RMIS Attachments

Property Data and Licensed Vehicle Management

AMP RMIS Property Data and Licensed Vehicle ManagementWith the AMP RMIS Property Data and Licensed Vehicle Management modules, users can record and report on required information (e.g. asset owner, COPE data, etc.) for various property types including but not limited to buildings, machinery and equipment, vehicles, and assets (e.g. fine arts). These records can be associated with claims as required to enable relevant reporting and support strategic decision making. The Valuation Estimator allows users to establish accurate estimates of replacement cost new based on the data in the system.

Policy Administration


Whether users are looking to administer policies for boiler & machinery, aviation, fine arts, crime/fidelity, property, general liability, or a new type of coverage, AMP RMIS can help efficiently manage policy declarations and financials. Create policies, add assets (e.g. buildings, insureds), and attach unlimited amounts of documentation with no restrictions on file types. Track information like policy type, effective dates, points of contact, premium, pro-rata amounts, limits of coverage, and more. Report on fields tracked including policy and financial information and archive expired policies.

Dashboards and Reporting

Spend more time making decisions and less time managing data with standard, ad-hoc, and custom reports. Need a new report? A user-friendly report writer allows AMP RMIS users to create reports based off any field in the system. Report scheduling functionality allows reports to be scheduled and delivered at defined intervals to a designated recipient list. For a quick look at risk exposures and compliance, customizable dashboards offer insight at a glance with the ability to drill down into the data for further analysis.


The Wheels of Innovation

At Centurisk, the wheels of innovation are always turning, but we never go at it alone. By building strong relationships with customers, and understanding their business challenges and definitions of success, the Centurisk team has been able to assemble a robust risk management information system. As the challenges facing today’s risk managers continue to evolve so too will the AMP RMIS solution.

Want to see how Centurisk’s AMP RMIS software can help keep you prepared for tomorrow’s big risk challenges? Simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

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