Features of AMP Property Risk Management Software You Might Not Know About

by Patrick Whitney, Customer Care Manager

At Centurisk, we know keeping up with changes in the risk management and insurance industries can spread risk managers a little thin. Following current industry trends while juggling valuation schedules, renewal dates, data updates, new construction data, and property sales can make it hard to feel confident in your data accuracy and your valuation numbers. We all want greater efficiency, security and accountability in our organizations and their processes, but the constant flux can make achieving data confidence seem impossible.

Fortunately, there are features in our AMP property risk management software you might not know about that can help you simplify the way you manage tracking, updates, and communicate both inside and outside of your organization.

You won’t want to miss out on the benefits of useful functionality like this:

1. Discover New Transparency and Accountability with the Change Report

With AMP, every change made by any user in the system is meticulously tracked and recorded, and the software’s user-friendly Change Report capabilities let you report on and automatically email those updates to chosen stakeholders. The functionality removes uncertainty and confusion about who did what and when because the software captures it all, with date, username, and the updated item. The detailed audit trail helps build greater transparency, accountability, and trust within your organization and the report itself improves communication with users spanning functions across your business.

2. Make Effortless Updates through Batch Image Importing

At Centurisk, we understand the frustration that comes with cumbersome updating processes. AMP’s Batch Image Import is an easy way to attach images to a specific property, enhancing the information users can access about your various locations. Whether you want to add one property image or an unlimited number of images, the Batch Image Import does the job. The facility also lets you include a description of each image for added context and you can even choose the order in which you’d like the images to appear. By batching your image imports with AMP, you save time over tedious manual uploading facilities and you get more done, more consistently.

3. Track and Analyze Usage with the User Session Log

Stay one step ahead of potential security threats with AMP’s user login and activity tracking! AMP identifies all users entering the system to ensure that only active users get access to your stored data. This safeguards your assets and helps mitigate risk. You’ll know know who logged in, when they logged in, and how often they log in. The log gives you a transparent view into AMP usage, offering the security reassurance organizations need in this high-risk world.

4. Ensure Property Reports are Ready-and-Waiting through Scheduled Reports

Talk about convenience! — AMP lets you distribute standard or ad hoc property risk management reports via email to any user in the system. This ensures your recipients receive the information they need, precisely when they need it. Whether it’s on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, this regular cadence keeps your email recipients well-informed without having to log in to the AMP system. These scheduled email reports can be tailored to individual user preferences and roles, too. Additionally, recipients themselves have the option to choose the frequency of updates they receive and the level of detail in those updates. This means they get only the information most relevant to them. Regular information-sharing is critical in the quest to mitigate risk; scheduled reports become just one important step toward streamlining communication and enhancing organizational knowledge, and AMP’s report scheduling becomes a benefit to both senders and recipients alike.

From invaluable tracking and login information to better communication and timely updates, Centurisk’s AMP property risk management software not only offers greater convenience, data confidence, but improved security and peace of mind. Are you ready to manage risk with greater confidence and clarity?  Contact us for more information about the features mentioned above or about other ways AMP could help your organization manage property data.

About the Author

Patrick Whitney lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife Beth, daughter Emma, and two dogs, Sadie and Hannah. When he’s not supporting customers at Centurisk, he spends most of his time attempting to play golf and working on home improvement projects.

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