New Year’s Resolutions for Your Property Data

New Year's Resolutions for Property Data

With 2024 on the doorstep, our thoughts inevitably turn to New Year’s resolutions. Sure, the standard pledges to improve fitness or reduce clutter are a positive way to start the year. But this year, why not do something a little different… and resolve to improve your property data? Here at Centurisk, we’ve made it easy […]

A World of Useful Property Data with Google Earth Pro

aerial building shot

When you’ve been in the property risk management business as long as we have at Centurisk, you find some innovative ways to elevate your data collection game. And one free tool we’d like to share today that’s helped support our continued quest for more complete data is the Google Earth Pro application. What is Google […]

The Property Insurance Data You Need for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

water and wastewater treatment plants

Water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants might not be the first things that come to mind when you’re thinking about accurate property valuation data. But if your entity has one or both types of properties to include on its property insurance Statement of Values, you might just want to give that data a closer look. […]

How Software for Risk Management Can Solve 6 Big Property Risk Problems

how software solves 6 property risk management problems

Centurisk has been in the property risk management industry for a long time now. And one thing we’ve learned is that organizations face some very common, yet critical problems that only robust property risk management software can effectively solve. The six big customer issues that come up time after time include: 1. Inconsistent Property Values […]

How to Audit Property Data for Your Insurance Statement of Values (SOV)

audit property data for insurance statement of values

It’s a moving target subject to economic factors, new purchases, development, replacement and sale, shifting requirements and, the most frustrating and unpredictable element of all:  human error. What is it? Your property data, the information you gather yearly for your insurance Statement of Values (SOV). And by auditing your property data before you submit it, you […]

To Reappraise or Value Trend?

to reappaise or value trend

Leverage these methodologies to maintain up-to-date property data and insurable values For any organization with a large property schedule, maintaining accurate and up-to-date property data and values can be a challenge. However, providing your broker/insurer with recent valuation results and detailed property data can help them better understand your risk profile and potential for loss. […]

Dealing with Property Risk in an Increasingly Uncertain Climate

dealing with property risk in an uncertain climate

We’re coming to the end of 2021, and a quick review of the past months shows the emerging pattern for the year may be found in its lack of pattern: that is, it’s a year in flux. So far, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for those of us in the property risk management industry. Hurricanes, […]

Ensure Your Property Is Properly Insured (…try saying that 5 times fast)

ensure your property is properly insured

From business continuity planning to insurance policy management, risk managers have their hands full when it comes to being prepared for a potential loss. Time and again, we hear stories of entities filing insurance claims only to find they didn’t have adequate coverage. If you’re managing a large property portfolio, ensuring your buildings and structures are sufficiently […]

How Simple Property Data Spreadsheets Can Lead to Complex Problems

property data spreadsheets

Challenges to Consider when Relying on Spreadsheets to Manage Property Data For years, organizations have gotten by managing property insurance-related data in multiple, complex spreadsheets. While this may seem like a quick and simple solution, it also presents many risks. Risks like: 1. An Unwieldy Volume of Data Increases Chance of Error As organizations grow […]

The Property Data You Need for Hurricane Season

the property data you need for hurricane season

Atlantic Hurricane Season starts June 1 each year, but it’s never too late to make sure your properties’ COPE data is complete and up-to-date. When used in conjunction with a catastrophe modeling tool like AIR or RMS, thorough COPE data can help ensure you have the right coverage whenever a risk event pays you a […]