New Year’s Resolutions for Your Property Data

New Year's Resolutions for Property Data

With 2024 on the doorstep, our thoughts inevitably turn to New Year’s resolutions. Sure, the standard pledges to improve fitness or reduce clutter are a positive way to start the year. But this year, why not do something a little different… and resolve to improve your property data? Here at Centurisk, we’ve made it easy […]

The Hot Details on Fire Resistive Construction & Other ISO Classifications

fire resistive construction

With wildfires blazing across North America, and property owners fearing for their families, homes and businesses, having the right insurance coverage before disaster strikes takes on a whole new level of importance. How fire-resistive is your property? For property managers, reinsurers and risk pools, knowing your fire-resistance class and having the right ISO classifications  data […]

Six Trends in Risk Management and Insurance for 2023

Effectively mediating risk doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It involves keeping an ever-watchful eye on market change and knowing the right method and moment to change with it. At Centurisk, we’re always looking ahead for risk and insurance trends, to help our customers protect their interests from fluctuations and better curtail the pain and drama […]

Top Takeaways in Property Risk and Exposures from RIMS 2023

takeaways on property risk and exposures from RIMS 2023

 If you missed last week’s RIMS (the risk management society®) conference in Atlanta, Georgia, or maybe just missed some sessions, here are a few of our team’s top takeaways from the sessions they attended: A hard market is here to stay (for a while) Often, when we experience an increase in the frequency and severity […]

5 Ways Risk Management Software Can Help Your University

ways risk management software helps your university

University risk management departments are all about the details. Whether it’s dealing with insurance incidents and claims, Workers’ compensation, property insurance and loss, or vehicle management, it’s the university’s goal to harness those details to analyze, mitigate, and monitor risk. And that’s where the right risk management software can be a game-changer. A strong risk […]

How to Succeed in a Challenging Reinsurance Market

how to succeed in a challenging reinsurance market

Today’s reinsurance market is riddled with unexpected pitfalls, putting unprepared organizations at risk for significant loss. This shift was spawned by a combination of factors, including an uptick in catastrophic weather events, changes to the way reinsurance carriers manage their portfolios, worldwide inflation, and economic fluctuations. Fortunately, wise risk pool members and other organizations can […]

Reducing Your Risk Exposure on Historic Properties

reducing risk exposure on historic properties

Historic properties stand as an important reminder of, and glimpse into, bygone days. But maintaining these structures may present some challenges that leave you longing for a user-friendly time machine to hire some talented craftsmen from the past. Federal rules, like the Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, mean you can’t simply tear down, replace, […]

2023 Inflationary Challenges and Property Valuation Trending

property appraiser

A perfect storm of high construction demands, increasing labor and materials costs, labor shortages, supply chain interruptions, inflation, lessening COVID restrictions, and the war in Ukraine have combined to affect the factors that ultimately help determine 2022 property valuations. Let’s take a closer look at these trends and where they’re headed for 2023 and beyond. […]

Today’s Blanket Policies and the Underinsured Property Problem

underinsured property can mean big losses in the case of a flooding event

Once upon a time (or before 2008), when an organization wanted to insure their full property portfolio, they could streamline their insuring process and secure more complete coverage by getting a true blanket insurance policy. This blanket policy was a single property insurance policy that either covered multiple locations, different types of property at the same location, […]

How Centurisk’s Valuation Estimator Helps Mitigate Underinsurance Concerns

Mitigate loss from flooding by trending with a valuation estimator tool.

Underinsurance has always been a concern for organizations striving to mitigate their risk — particularly those with large property portfolios and unique structures, where lots of very specific data must be collected to ensure valuation accuracy.  But increasingly, the underinsurance gap has been made even wider by the volatile cost shifts and supply chain challenges associated […]