Centurisk: A Growing Team Serving Up Customer Success

At Centurisk, we consider ourselves successful when our customers are successful. And in that spirit of collective winning, we’ve been building up our risk management team to keep pace with our customers’ needs for quality services.

We started by opening a brand-new San Antonio office in 2022, to better serve the Western U.S. Heading up this team is Amanda Trueman, Director of Appraisal Services, Western Region. This office is also being supported by Tyler Testa, recently promoted from Valuation Associate to Regional Appraisal Manager, and Luke Kostelic, a great new addition to our company, serving as a Valuation Consultant.


Centurisk AMP team at internal event

We’ve also added eight new Valuation Associates across our branches. In Pittsburgh, they include Madison BoyerMichael LangAlex Lohman and Devin Lovell. In Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, you’ll find Matthew HeyelMichael Carrelli and Bryan Mowery. Out of Columbia, South Carolina comes Christopher Rhodes. And we even have a new intern for the summer, Chris Verdecia!

AssetWorks AMP staffOf course, having the right staff to do the job is only one part of the equation. The other is ensuring every valuation associate has all the right training, ensuring consistency and accuracy through every valuation. That’s why our Quality Control Manager, Gary Tate, has put a rigorous training program in place that takes each valuation associate through the proper steps for thorough data collection, helping them gain a full understanding of ISO construction classifications, COPE data and more. Then each associate is put to the test in mentored on-site training, getting the hands-on, guided support they need to make accurate assessments in the field.

Gary has also crafted an extensive data collection checklist for each associate to follow, so no key detail is left by the wayside. Gary explains, “I want to make sure that every data point that needs to be on there is there, so no one can forget anything.” Not only does Gary develop the training materials for Centurisk’s newest valuation associates, he also does quarterly webinars for the staff, to make sure our best practices AssetWorks AMP staffand processes stay top-of-mind with all of our valuation experts— from the team’s newest member to its most seasoned veterans.

“There’s just so much information to collect,” he says. “But you figure out which pockets to put that information in. You discover that if you build a routine for yourself, it makes an enormous difference. I’ve been consistent with how I approach my work, and my goal is to bring that consistency to everyone on the team.”

This team is looking forward to applying their skills, knowledge and attention to detail for future customer successes.

If you or someone you know is a talented, motivated individual looking for a new opportunity as a part of the growing Centurisk’s team, we are still looking for qualified candidates for the following positions:

The Centurisk team is ready to help you with your property valuation and risk management software needs. To find out more, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

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