Today’s Blanket Policies and the Underinsured Property Problem

underinsured property can mean big losses in the case of a flooding event

Once upon a time (or before 2008), when an organization wanted to insure their full property portfolio, they could streamline their insuring process and secure more complete coverage by getting a true blanket insurance policy. This blanket policy was a single property insurance policy that either covered multiple locations, different types of property at the same location, […]

How Centurisk’s Valuation Estimator Helps Mitigate Underinsurance Concerns

Mitigate loss from flooding by trending with a valuation estimator tool.

Underinsurance has always been a concern for organizations striving to mitigate their risk — particularly those with large property portfolios and unique structures, where lots of very specific data must be collected to ensure valuation accuracy.  But increasingly, the underinsurance gap has been made even wider by the volatile cost shifts and supply chain challenges associated […]