How State Governments, Risk Pools & Schools Benefit from Data Risk Management

When you’re managing property data to mitigate risk, it seems like there’s always something new to learn, gather and document. Between Statement of Values (SOV) submissions, catastrophe modeling and now convective storm modeling, the sheer amount of details to track, in order to ensure thorough insurance coverage and the best possible rates are monumental– and only bound to increase over time.

So how do you prioritize and keep up with the details that matter most? Sometimes the best way of improving your own processes is to learn more about the best practices being used in your industry. So we’ve pulled together a collection of data risk management case studies showing the challenges of organizations like yours. Discover how they’ve used risk data management solutions to successfully make the most of their data in this constantly-evolving environment and see how their successes can help empower yours for the road ahead.

South Carolina School Board Insurance Trust Bridged the Gap Between Valuation Results and Valuation Management

In this case study, you’ll learn how the South Carolina School Board Insurance Trust used property data risk management software to manage a growing member base, increase the primary and secondary COPE details needed for catastrophe modeling, and said goodbye to unwieldy and inefficient spreadsheets. Check out the SCSBIT case study.

North Dakota Insurance Department (NDID) Empowered a Small Team with a Robust Property Risk Solution

Check out how the North Dakota Insurance Department leveraged Centurisk’s AMP Property Risk Management software and Valuation Estimator module to manage an expanding list of property. In this case study, you’ll see how they kept up with changing property values, all with a small, efficient team of staff, addressing risk exposures and protecting the public good, while remaining good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Check out the NDID case study.

Washington Counties Risk Pool Partnered with Centurisk to Deliver Value-Added Solutions to Risk Pool Members

In this case study, Washington Counties Risk Pool, headquartered in Olympia, Washington, were looking to increase member retention, streamline renewals and improve their data quality. Learn how they used property risk data management software and appraisal services to address their goals. Check out the Washington Counties Risk Pool case study.

University of Central Florida (UCF) Protected Their Assets through More Accurate, Thorough Risk Assessment

Find out how AMP property risk management software and its Licensed Vehicle Module made it possible for the University of Central Florida to gain all new tracking capabilities for both their buildings and their extensive number of golf carts, and learn why the Building Attributes feature of the software has been particularly useful. Check out the UCF case study.

Find the Right Solution for You

Now that you’ve gotten your arms around the way other organizations have addressed their biggest property data risk management challenges, discover what mix of valuation services and property risk management software can help you and your staff reach your organizational goals. Contact Centurisk today to find out how greater accuracy, efficiency and flexibility can be a game-changer for your risk management operations.

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