Closing the Protection Gap: Natural Disasters and Property Insurance Holes

closing the protection gap: how natural disasters reveal insurance holes

Talk of the protection gap tends to focus on developing nations, but a recent report from global reinsurance intermediary Aon Benfield found that almost 50 percent of the losses sustained from natural disasters in the United States remained unprotected. It’s noteworthy considering the U.S. is one of the most insured countries in the world. The protection […]

Terrorism Risk Modeling: Premium Protection for Organizations

terrorism risk modeling

Catastrophe risk modeling began in the late 1980s and has evolved over the years to provide accurate calculations for organizations to estimate losses against a weather event like hurricanes, tornadoes or severe thunderstorms. Over time, the thinking behind this type of modeling has grown to envelop other types of catastrophes posing the potential to present […]

Catastrophe Modeling (CAT Modeling): A Benchmark for Determining Risk

catastrophe modeling data helps predict risk

More and more, throughout the United States, complex software programs for catastrophe (CAT) modeling are serving as a benchmark for determining risk in various geographical areas. While not all property and casualty insurers rushed to adopt this approach, dramatic rises in certain estimates of loss coupled with other challenges has led their sentiment to change. […]

The Property Data You Need for Hurricane Season

the property data you need for hurricane season

Atlantic Hurricane Season starts June 1 each year, but it’s never too late to make sure your properties’ COPE data is complete and up-to-date. When used in conjunction with a catastrophe modeling tool like AIR or RMS, thorough COPE data can help ensure you have the right coverage whenever a risk event pays you a […]