How an Accurate Statement of Values Can Secure Insurance Coverage at the Best Rates

accurate statement of values can help you obtain better insurance rates

A statement of values (SOV) is a declaration to insurance providers of which properties your entity intends to insure. At a minimum, an SOV generally includes a name, address, square footage, occupancy, and replacement cost for each property listed. For risk management professionals concerned about property risk exposures, an up-to-date, accurate SOV is critical. By […]

Secondary COPE Data for Insurance: Avoid the Worst-Case Scenario

secondary cope data for windstorm

Collect Secondary COPE Data to Improve your Risk Profile Having accurate, up-to-date insurable values for all buildings and structures on your property schedule is a good start to understanding your organization’s exposure to property risk. With that said, while this can help ensure your property is insured to value, it is detailed building data (e.g. […]